How does PPS work?
Pay-Per Sign up (PPS): Earn a minimum of $75 for every new customer that purchases a credit package
How does Rev Share work?
Revenue Sharing: Earn 30% of every credit purchase for users referred to us.
How often will I receive my check?
We send payments every 2 weeks. You control the minimum amount before a check is sent to you. The default is $50!
How do I change my minimum payout?
You can change the minimum payout in your user account.
What payment methods are available?
Bank Check
What currency are your payments in?
All of our payments are in US Dollars ($).
What is the reference or name on the payment?
Can I send spam to get clicks to FreeCamDollars?
No EMAIL SPAMMING will be tolerated. Sending traffic from email will result in immediate termination of your account and forfeiture of the balance.